I am a Colorado native and have been shooting nature (with a camera) for most of my life. Photography has become a passion inspired by the endless beauty that any walk in the woods brings. I have always been the most comfortable and relaxed just being a part of the basic honesty and clarity of nature. Most of my images are taken in the Front Range area, including Rocky Mountain National Park.Mark Wagner
My Father was in the Air Force, so we moved “somewhere else” every 3 years, including Germany twice. Dad was a naturalist, the first Armed Forces Conservation Officer. He gave me the gift of experiencing and appreciating the natural world, and the responsibility we have for being good stewards of it. Mom taught me how to play sports; she was an independent women’s libber before her time. She would pack a lunch for my brother and me, 8 and 10 years old, and we would be off into the woods all day. I was never quite sure if she was promoting our self-reliant nature, or just glad to have some free time.
After graduating High School in Maryland, I traveled around the country, seeing 49 of our States. I worked an assortment of jobs and jaunted around before coming back home to Fort Collins to attend Colorado State University. Afterwards, I worked in mining as a Safety and Health Manager in a variety of locations, including Guinea, Africa. I got tired of traveling around so often, and the last 6 years I worked a “real” job, it was in Fort Collins for the Parks Department
I still live in Fort Collins, Colorado. Most mornings, I take a sunrise hike in one of our natural areas, where I am surrounded by a rich abundance and diversity of wildlife and flora. My hiking companion is friend Polly, who sees small things I don’t, is funny and a very good cook.
I appreciate the opportunity to share my experiences in nature with you through my photography. I hope you enjoy my images, and are inspired by to go for a hike and find a little more peace.

It is not where we go that is important, but how we experience where we are, that is essential.

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” –John Muir